I love gadgets of all sorts. I spend a majority of my awake hours in front of a computer. A lot of passions around technology intersect with other monikers I apply to mysely; web development, photography and saving money. I don't mind helping others in solving their technology woes or just coming up with solutions. It's no different than my paid day job, which I like almost just as much!

Anyway, below is a list of all some stuff - computers, phones or other household electronics - which I have used in past, still use or want to buy one day. A lot of these items are old but still recommended by me, as you can easily get them used or refurbished. I have included search links to Amazon, eBay, and Newegg; the three sites that I use almost exclusively for all my technology related purchases.

And in case you don't get this from the list below, I don't care much at all for Apple products.

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