Since the day I first experienced the internet using SpryNET Internet Explorer on a Windows 3.1 equiped laptop (which wasn't mine) I have been interested in knowing how these webpages look like behind the scenes. I have since grown in to semi-self-learned web developer and designer. I try to keep up with today's fast-paced web development environment, in particular that which is related to PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, CSS, etc. I also have interests in Web Design & Usability, SEO & Web PR.

Although I have built and dissolved many web projects over the years, the following sites are currently live in one form or another:

  • Smash Deals - A deals and coupons based web application with social networking integration.
  • Deals Drive - The software and SaaS offering of the script that powers
  • Bolly Cat - A catalog of Bollywood films "inspired" by Hollywood movies. Featured on the Times of India, IFC, Boing Boing, etc.
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